Probiotic for More Sensitive Individuals? Histamine-Free Is Where It’s At.

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First, A little back story…

As you might already know, I got my start in the wellness world as a life coach.

I helped my clients with their mindset and their emotional intelligence.

I helped them understand the power of the story they were telling. We are all telling a story. All day every day. Is your story serving you?

But I quickly began to see that despite being a big piece of the puzzle, mindset was still only ONE piece of the puzzle.

From there, I began to study the gut-brain connection and the amazing power of good bacteria.

Bacterial imbalances in the gut can lead to mood issues. (SOURCE)

Because specific bacterial strains have been shown to help with mood and the body’s stress response.(SOURCE)

After trying a number of combinations of probiotics and prebiotics, and feeling unimpressed with the other mood probiotics on the market, I decided to create my own custom mood formula.

However, shortly after launching our Mood Boosting Probiotic, we discovered that some people are in need of a mood probiotic that is more sensitive: one that is histamine-free and d-lactate free.

Enter, Bifidus Mood Boost; A probiotic created with sensitivities in mind.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure how big the market would be for a histamine-free probiotic.

But enough people were requesting it and when our customers talk, we listen! So, I started to dig back into the research.

The more we looked into it, the more we saw the vast need for this sensitive formula, which still helped with mood.

Most research shows that D-lactate acidosis typically only affects people with a history of short-bowel syndrome (SOURCE)

However, numerous people report feeling unwell after taking a probiotic, and d-lactate may be in part to blame.

(Note, d-lactate is not the same as lactose. They are two different things.)

Histamine issues are also more common than we realized, and it’s hard to find a good probiotic with NO histamine causing strains.

When someone is histamine intolerant, gut issues play a big role.

Healing those gut issues without triggering more issues is key!

We wanted to create a formula that would be sensitive for those who needed it most, but still potent and mood supporting.

The research lead us to excluding specific strains…

Including specific strains…

And keeping our powerhouse prebiotic, GOS.

We kept the prebiotic GOS because we’ve found it to be the best prebiotic to help with mood.

We are thrilled to now have a probiotic+prebiotic formula for our histamine sensitive crowd, Bifidus Mood Boost.

Bifidus Mood Boost is shelf stable, has 30 billion CFU’s and is available on,, and directly from our Online shop. Purchase them wherever you love to shop.

Cheers, to feeling better, naturally!

Sylvia | Cofounder of LIFTED Naturals

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