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A Histamine friendly Mood Probiotic?

You probably know that a good probiotic is essential for keeping our digestive system running smoothly. But did you know that probiotics can also have a positive impact on our mood? It's true! Probiotics are live microorganisms that are similar to the good bacteria that naturally live in your gut.

Research has shown that taking probiotics can help to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. Most importantly though, for histamine-sensitive individuals, the question becomes: will this cause a histamine response for me?

Well, this formula, Bifidus Mood Boost, contains FOUR specific types of feel-good probiotic bacteria that are NON-histamine producing. Read on to find out more!

The gut-brain connection

Did you know that our gut and brain are in constant communication with each other? This is because they are connected by the nervous system. This connection is known as the gut-brain connection.

Over 70% of our brain's serotonin is made in our gut, and serotonin is just one of many neurotransmitters involved in this connection. Good bacteria in our gut has been shown to help with mood, the body's stress response, serotonin production, and other neurotransmitter support.

Probiotics, like Bifidus Mood Boost can help to support the gut-brain connection. So if you're feeling stressed or down, and you’re dealing with a histamine-sensitivity, you may want to consider taking a probiotic like Bifidus Mood Boost.

What’s in Bifidus Mood Boost probiotic?

Bifidus Mood Boost contains a proprietary blend of specifically selected non-histamine producing PROBIOTICS and PREBIOTICS.

This formula features 30 billion CFU of FOUR specific types of feel-good probiotic bacteria, which are more sensitive and are great options for individuals dealing with histamine-issues: B. Infantis, B. Breve, B. Longum, B. Bifidum.

It also includes a specific type of prebiotic, called Galactooligosaccharide (say that three times fast!). It is often called GOS, for short.

The prebiotic GOS was also specifically included in Bifidus Mood Boost due to its stress-busting qualities. (SOURCE)

Lifted Naturals Bifidus Mood Boost back of bottle.

How do I know if I have a histamine issue?

I first discovered my own histamine sensitivity by getting headaches after eating yogurt! My son has a similar issue with yogurt and highly processed meat sticks.

You may have a histamine sensitivity if you experience any of the following issues: rash, itchiness, swelling, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, headaches, and stuffiness.

You may also have a histamine issue if you notice that certain foods seem to trigger your symptoms. Common triggers include alcohol, aged cheese, processed meats, some yogurts, shellfish, and chocolate.

Since creating non-histamine MOOD probiotics, I have really begun to understand the importance of probiotics like Bifidus Mood Boost for more sensitive individuals.

The science behind formulating Bifidus Mood Boost

To create the specific formula for Bifidus Mood Boost, we were very selective about which strains of probiotic bacteria we would include.

Every single strain included in Bifidus Mood Boost had to pass the test of: will this help with mood and stress… AND is it NON-HISTAMINE producing?

Here are a few of the research papers we used to help us decide which probiotic strains to include:

Plus! Here are a few MORE papers we studied during the time of formulating Bifidus Mood Boost:

Who is Lifted Naturals?

At Lifted Naturals, we are more than just a supplement company - we are a wellbeing movement. We are extremely passionate about the gut-brain connection and our mission is to help people feel better, naturally.

We believe in the power of probiotics for mood… and so much more! And as a sensitive individual, I (Sylvia) understand the importance of having non-histamine producing probiotics on the market.

Lifted Naturals Owners Tim and Sylvia Hall.

Our company is founded by me, Sylvia Hall, and my husband, Tim Hall.

Our manufacturer is located in the USA and is extremely rigorous when it comes to quality standards. Our facility is GMP and NSF certified.

NSF certification is one of the most prestigious certifications for supplement manufacturers. We don’t make anything we wouldn’t take ourselves. Period.

We are a small family business located in Kansas City, MO. We currently sell exclusively online.

Bifidus Mood Boost probiotic reviews

Next, I’d like to share a some reviews of Bifidus Mood Boost from our raving customers. I’ve shared just a handful below… but we’ve had thousands of happy customers!

“I took a chance hoping these would work and WOW do they work. It feels like a dark cloud has been lifted. I've had gut, inflammation and high histamine levels for a very long time. These are a life saver l feel alive again after just 4 days. Thank you!”

“Great probiotic for people with histamine intoleranceI know taking probiotics is good for you, but every time I took one (any brand) my stomach would hurt terribly. I did some research and learned that some probiotics cause histamine release which causes problems for histamine sensitive people. Found this little gem, and now I’m good to go! Highly recommend.”

“Helped with migraine headacheI am really grateful for this product. I have tried several probiotics from Amazon and Kroger—all were fine just nothing extraordinary. This is the best for me. I don’t know how much of a role it plays since I take several supplements but its impact is certain the next day for me after ingesting it the night before. I highly suggest this for restful sleep along with Magnesium Bisglycinate. Money well spent for me.”

“I’ve tried taking various probiotics over the years, refrigerated and shelf-stable but this product is unlike anything I have taken before—it makes a noticeable difference!! It eases the pain when I eat and I don’t feel sluggish after eating.”

“Lactobacillus is great for a lot of people, but apparently my gut already has enough of it. This is the first probiotic I've taken in years of experimentation that completely got rid of bloating for me! And this has been a lifelong issue, childhood to now at almost 35 it caused a lot of pain and discomfort and this honestly has eliminated it completely! It took about 3 days before I really noticed the full effects and I'm so happy with this purchase! This is a great company with a really well priced fantastic probiotic, please try it if you're on the fence, it really works!”/p>

Bifidus Mood Boost probiotic complaints

There’s really one main ‘complaint’ we receive about Bifidus Mood Boost.

And that complaint is that it is too strong and may cause a die-off response. Some people deal with gas or bloating when they first start taking a new probiotic..

The solution to that is simple and most people don’t know about it. But as of today, you will know!


What do we mean by that?

Well, our probiotic capsules can be opened, which means you can start off on a lower dose to give your body time to adjust to the new, beneficial bacteria.

You can open the capsule sprinkle a bit into a smoothie or drink, and then close the capsule and use it over the next several days.

Some people start with a full capsule and do just fine, but many people benefit from the slow and steady approach.

If you are generally sensitive, try starting with just a sprinkle and work your way up over the course of a couple weeks.

How much does it cost?

What's the cost of staying in a bad mood?

The cost of being perpetually stressed?

What's the cost of not showing up for your kids?

Or your spouse?


What's the cost of a life half-lived, or the cost of regret for chances not taken?

Way. TOO. Expensive.

But our Bifidus Mood Boost (NON-Histamine Producing) Probiotics???

They are only $28.88 for a 60 day supply...

That’s just .48 cents a day.

You can find Bifidus Mood Boost on Amazon, Walmart (online), or in our Direct online shop.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out.

We are always happy to help.

Have a beautiful day!


Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

PS: Did you know that Lifted Naturals MOOD Probiotics are available on Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and directly from our Online shop? Purchase them wherever you love to shop.

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