The Real Reason You Need To Take Your Probiotic With Food

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I have taking a probiotic for many years now and for the most part I’ve been doing it wrong.

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve been doing it wrong, too. In which case, it’s time we start getting it right, ok?

Although most probiotic bottles advise to take your supplement with food (ours included!), I never really realized the importance of it until recently.

Sure, I would take my probiotic with food — sometimes. And then, other times, I wouldn’t.

I, like you, am busy and wear a lot of different hats.

What time of day I actually took my probiotics was mostly based around when I actually *remembered* to take them.

And that was not always necessarily around a meal.

When new customers start our probiotic, we always advise them to take it with food.

My initial impression was that food would help settle the stomach, just like taking a multivitamin with food.

However, the real reason behind taking your probiotic with food is much less about not upsetting the stomach, and much more about the probiotic actually working!

When you take a probiotic with food, you ensure the PH of your stomach and increase the survivability of the probiotic throughout the gut.

“The use of food ingredients to enhance probiotic survival through the GIT has been extensively studied.” -B.M. Corcoran

I know many of our customers take their probiotic every night or first thing in the morning so they don’t forget, but the best way to get the best benefit may mean it’s time to create a new habit!

Taking your probiotic with a meal ensures the survivability of the good bacteria so it can get to work.

That’s what we all really want, right?

We want our probiotics to work for us!


Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

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