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Magnesium Complex
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Mood Boosting Probiotic - With Prebiotic GOS - Probiotics for Gut Health - supporting digestive health and immune health
Bifidus Mood Boost Probiotic - Bifidus ONLY Species - With Prebiotic GOS - Histamine-Free
Mood Super Strains Probiotic - NO Prebiotics - Histamine-Free - Featuring L. Rhamnosus GG

Magnesium Complex

Magnesium Complex


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We're LIFTED Naturals and we Specialize in MOOD Probiotics

Mood health is NOT all in your head...but it may be in your gut. Lifted Naturals is a small, family business with a passion for helping you feel better, naturally.

What people are saying about our mood probiotics

Thanks to this product, I now can take a probiotic. I highly recommend it.

- W.S Mood Super Strains

This is such a great probiotic. Honestly, the first one I'm able to take with benefites and no ill side effects. Highly recommend!

- E.P Bifidus Mood Boost

I love these probiotics. I am hooked, I don't miss a day. I feel great.

Carie Y SBO Mood Boost
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