I’d Like You to Know How Intensely I am Rooting for You

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I get quite a few emails and messages from people in the depth of their suffering.

I, too, have been in that dark place.

I know the desperation to escape the prison of the mind.

The heaviness of a believed thought is not a simple thing.

And I want you to know…

I will never, ever say ‘just take a probiotic, it will make it all better.’

I will never, ever say ‘just go meditate and you’ll be GOOD to go.’

I will never, ever say ‘ just go read “the power of now” OR “breaking the habit of being ourselves’ and you’ll see how you’ve created your own prison.’

I will never ever say ‘just go for a walk every day. 35 minutes minimum. your body is craving the sunlight and nature and movement’

I will never ever say ‘just connect to your creative side. expression is the key to shifting your life.’

I will never ever say ‘just get clear your inner wounds of not enoughness and provide yourself with radical self-compassion and care.’

I will never ever say ‘just connect with like minded souls who are supportive of your growth and evolution.’

And yet, I might tell you….

That all of these things will aid you so greatly on your path towards transformative wellbeing, you might *just* give them all a shot.

You are worth the effort.

You are worth the trial-and-error.

You are worth the investment.

You did not come here to ‘get it done'.’

You came to expand and you are doing a great job.

Rooting for you…

Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

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