Strong People Don’t Ask for Help (And Other Lies)

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I released an old story this morning while I was on my daily walk.

I do not mean I released it to the press or on to social media.

What I mean is, I decided to go let it go.

This particular story has not been serving me and I was finally ready to release it.

The story was: Strong people do not ask for help

This story is obviously false. It’s so very, terribly false.

So, why hang on to it for so long?

We hang on to stories like these because on some level they ‘work’ for us.

We tell ourselves these lies because somewhere along the way we thought that they were true and they were getting us something or somewhere.

The truth is, what it gets us is not what we truly want… it’s more often what we think we deserve.

I realized, the story of “strong people do not ask for help” does not move me forward and it does not serve those who work with me and live with me and love me…

So, today, I decided to let that story go.

I let it go and called to schedule an acupuncture appointment to see what Eastern medicine could do to help me.

I let it go and had a meeting with a biz friend, a Facebook ad specialist. We talked about working together to help move the LIFTED Naturals brand forward.

I let it go and surrendered my sadness to the Universe, knowing I cannot carry the weight of this world’s sadness alone.

When we try to be everything to everyone we will fail and feel like a failure. But being everything to everyone helps no one.

What stories are holding you back?

Are you ready to release them?


Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

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Sylvia Hall

Lifted Naturals

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