How to Break Free from the Fear of Judgement

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I once heard that there are two main fears we humans experience: fear of judgement and fear of abandonment.

I’m pretty sure this concept was from Jim Fortin who discussed the idea on his podcast.

The fear of judgement

Today, I want to talk about that first fear: the fear of judgement.

Because this fear really comes into play with this amazing quote from Joseph Campbell:

“The privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are.”

Why wouldn't you 'be who you are?'

Why wouldn’t we be who we really are?

Maybe because on some level it feels unacceptable.

Maybe because we’ve lost touch with who that person really is.

Maybe you felt unaccepted by your parents, a teacher, a sibling, or society as a whole.

As a child, the need for acceptance can feel like life or death.

How to stop caring what other people think

But who really needs to accept you?

As we step into our emotional adulthood, we know the reality of things is actually quite different.

We begin to find out that the only person who can truly judge you and make you feel judged… is you.

It all starts & ends with you.

You can try to fit in.

You can shape-shift.

You can nod your head in approval while your insides cringe.

You can try to bury the feelings of misalignment.

But the burning desire to be who you really are will continue to manifest in any way it has to, to get your attention.

(i.e.; physical, mental & emotional illness and pains.)

The weight of misalignment

Eventually, the weight of not being who you really are, will become so unbearable, so uncomfortable, so miserable...

You can not keep ignoring the pull.

And... you will realize:

The only person's acceptance you truly crave is your OWN.

And with this realization, the truth of your being finds its way to the surface.

The fear of judgement no longer holds power over you... and you are free from its grasp.

And we can experience one of the greatest privileges of a lifetime: to be who we truly are.


Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

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