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Spore-Based Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are similar to the good bacteria that naturally live in your gut. They can be found in supplements, fermented foods, and some probiotic-rich foods.

Spore-based probiotics are a special type of probiotic bacteria that are formed from spores and are naturally occurring in the earth.

Spore-based probiotics are also sometimes referred to as ‘soil-based probiotics,’ and also SBOs, which is short for Spore Based Organisms. This type of probiotic bacteria are gaining popularity due to their unique features and benefits.

SBOs are made up of dormant spores of beneficial bacteria. When these spores are ingested, they 'wake up' and begin to multiply in the intestine.

Spore-based probiotics are able to survive stomach acid and bile, which allows them to reach the intestine alive. Once in the intestine, they can attach to the intestinal wall to take up space for proliferation and nutrient creation.

Benefits of Spore-Based Probiotics

Probiotics are often called "good" or "helpful" bacteria because they help keep the gut healthy. SBO Probiotics are thought to provide health benefits by:

  • - being highly resistant to stomach acid
  • - which further allows the support of the gut-brain connection
  • - restoring the natural balance of bacteria in the gut
  • - helping the body to break down food
  • - making vitamins and enzymes
  • - supporting the immune system
  • - and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria

Probiotics are available in many different strains and each strain may offer different health benefits.

Spore based probiotics are thought to be more effective than other types of probiotics at colonizing the gut. SBOs have also been shown to be more resistant than other probiotic strains, which is thought to be due to the tough shell that surrounds the spore.

The Gut-Brain Connection and Spore Based Probiotics

Our gut and brain are constantly communicating with each other through the nervous system. This connection is known as the gut-brain connection. Probiotics like SBO Mood Boost can help support this communication.

If you're feeling stressed or down, and you're also dealing with some pesky stomach issues, taking a spore-based probiotic may help you feel better. The gut-brain connection is an important part of overall health, and probiotics can play a vital role in supporting it.

Although more research is happening every day, there is plenty evidence to suggest that SBOs may help improve mood. (SOURCE)

What’s In SBO Mood Boost Probiotic?

SBO Mood Boost Probiotic contains a proprietary blend of THREE, specifically selected strains of non-histamine producing spore-based probiotic bacteria.

Our formula contains NO added fillers and NO unnecessary ingredients. This formula also features “probiotics ONLY” and does not contain any prebiotic fiber.

SBO Mood Boost features 3 billion CFU of feel good soil-based probiotic bacterial strains.

As you might’ve noticed, 3 billion CFU is 10 times less than the 30 billion CFU found in our other three MOOD probiotics, which is because soil based probiotic organisms are different than their Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria counterparts. The potency of spore-based probiotics is unmatched.

As mentioned SBOs are a unique type of bacteria and are great options for individuals looking for next-level mood, digestive and immune support.

Our SBO Mood Boost formula features: Baccilus Coagulans, Bacillus Indicus, and Bacillus Subtillis.

Baccilus Coagulans

B. Coagulans is powerful probiotic strain for digestion, but especially powerful for mood, as “…microbes are the important link for the communication of the gut–brain axis…” (SOURCE)

SBO Mood Boost back label

Baccilus Indicus

Baccilus Indicus is incredibly potent because it helps produce antioxidants in the intestines. These antioxidants are then absorbed by the body and go to work to reduce inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, support the immune cells, and support the beneficial bacteria.

This type of probiotic is also known for its ability to help support digestive issues, skin problems, and allergies. If you are looking for a probiotic that can help you with any of these issues, then Bacillus Indicus is a potent probiotic strain for you to include in your regimen.

As stated, Baccilus Indicus is a powerful antioxidant producer. Among others, it helps with the production of astaxanthin, beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, and zeaxanthin. (SOURCE)

Baccilus Subtillis

Promising research shows that Bacicilus Subtillis is a specific type of spore based bacteria can help to lower aggressive behavior. (SOURCE)

B. Subtillis is also great for strengthening the gut barrier, among a plethora of other benefits!

Who Is Lifted Naturals?

At Lifted Naturals, we are more than just a supplement company - we are a wellbeing movement. We are extremely passionate about the gut-brain connection and our mission is to help people feel better, naturally.

We believe in the power of probiotics for mood… and so much more! And as a sensitive individual, I (Sylvia) understand the importance of having non-histamine producing probiotics on the market.

SBO Mood Boost back label

Our company is founded by me, Sylvia Hall, and my husband, Tim Hall.

Our manufacturer is located in the USA and is extremely rigorous when it comes to quality standards. Our facility is GMP and NSF certified.

NSF certification is one of the most prestigious certifications for supplement manufacturers. We don’t make anything we wouldn’t take ourselves. Period.

We are a small family business located in Kansas City, MO. We currently sell exclusively online.

SBO Mood Boost Probiotic Reviews

Next, I’d like to share a handful of reviews of SBO Mood Boost from some of our raving customers.

“I'm so happy I discovered Lifted Probiotics. I have tried a couple of varieties but keep coming back to the SBO. Be aware that you may want to break open the capsule and use half when you start this for the first time. It's a powerful probiotic but I found that once my system got used to it, it really worked well for me.”

“This probiotic has been fantastic, kind to my system, yet I know it's a serious powerhouse of a product! I put my 81 year old mother in this and she hasn't had another UTI since. Great company with excellent communication and customer service. I won't use any other company for my probiotics.”

“I like taking a variety of different kinds of probiotics, the spore based one interest me a lot, I feel better while taking these.”

“It's usually hard to be sure with this sort of thing, but I think it has helped stabilize mood a bit. No negative reactions here.May try another round later.”

“Have tried a variety of probiotic products over the last 15 years. Never really noticed a difference when using any of them. Was drawn to this one based on a recommendation from a coach I follow and was intrigued when the description mentioned this product worked for people with trickier bowel problems. I've always had irregularity, gas, bloating etc. Have been using this product about a month and have definitely noticed increased regularity. Hoping for even more results as time goes on.”

“I love the products this company makes. Especially bc they are dedicated to those with specific issues. I have digestive issues however they seem to improve after taking these probiotics. Its also important for to me to support small businesses in the US. and they are a small family owned business.”

SBO Mood Boost Probiotic Complaints

There’s really one main ‘complaint’ we receive about our probiotics in general:

And that complaint is that it is too strong and may cause a die-off response. Some people deal with gas or bloating when they first start taking a new probiotic.

The solution to that is simple and most people don’t know about it. But as of today, you will know!


What do we mean by that?

Well, as one review above stated, our probiotic capsules can be opened, which means you can start off on a lower dose to give your body time to adjust to the new, beneficial bacteria.

You can open the capsule sprinkle a bit into a smoothie or drink, and then close the capsule and use it over the next several days.

Some people start with a full capsule and do just fine, but many people benefit from the slow and steady approach.

How Much Does it Cost?

What's the cost of staying in a bad mood?

The cost of being perpetually stressed?

What's the cost of not showing up for your kids?

Or your spouse?


What's the cost of a life half-lived, or the cost of regret for chances not taken?

Way. TOO. Expensive.

But our SBO Mood Boost Probiotics???

They are only $28.88 for a 60 day supply...

That’s just .48 cents a day.

You can find SBO Mood Boost on Amazon, Walmart (online), or in our Direct online shop.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out.

We are always happy to help.

Have a beautiful day!


Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

PS: Did you know that Lifted Naturals MOOD Probiotics are available on Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and directly from our Online shop? Purchase them wherever you love to shop.

Join the Lifted Family.

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