Another Piece of the Puzzle: Mindset and Thought-Work

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Helping Any Person With Any Problem

Before starting my company, Lifted Naturals, I was growing my practice as a Life Coach.

I had an insatiable desire to help alleviate unnecessary suffering.

I still do, actually.

I just do it in a different way.

So, with coaching I was taught how to coach any one on any subject with any problem.

High-profile lawyer with high-profile problems? No problem, I could help them.

Big time billionaire banker with a butler? No problem, I could help them.

(You get the point, right?)

I didn’t need to know the industry.

I didn’t need to know the complexities of their job or life.

I only needed to know ONE THING.

How their THOUGHTS were contributing to and creating their problems.

I remember when I first learned this at ‘Life Coach School.

I had a sudden, crazed and beautiful sense of power.

And as I learned from Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility.

I wanted to coach everyone!

The tricky thing was: not everyone wanted to be coached, and as I learned the hard way, it is really ill advised to coach someone without their permission. #awkward

Alright, So How Are Feelings Created and Why Does It Matter?

Ok, so I learned how to coach anyone on anything.

What does that matter to you?

Well it matters because you can learn how to help yourself through any problem.

You don’t have to have all the answers to life but you can have the answer to why am i feeling this way?

Thoughts create feelings.

But not just any thought: a believed thought.

You Have To Believe The Thought For The Feeling to Occur.

Understanding how thinking a thought creates a chemical reaction in our brain, which floods our body to create an emotion… is a HUGE, LIFE-CHANGING CONCEPT.

It’s another incredible piece of the feeling better puzzle.

And, yet…

Mind-Body Techniques Show the Whole Picture

Yes, I still absolutely love and believe in the power of mindset and thought-work.

If you think a thought, and focus on it, and find evidence for it, you can believe the thought.

And then, you can feel different ways.


Yes. Yes, Yes!

And yet, there are times when practicing the thought and practicing the story-telling of my mind is easier than others.

That is why I have integrated more and more mind-body approaches to feeling better, naturally.

Yes, mindset matters.

Yes, you can practice generating FEELINGS at will, and on command.

And, yes, the physiology of your physical body plays a role, too.

Our Mind and Body are Irrevocably Connected

So, moving our bodies also matters.

Gut-health also matters.

Getting sunlight also matters.

Grounding and gathering electrons through the earth, also matters.

Intentional breathing also matters.

Signaling safety to our nervous system also matters.

Getting good sleep each night also matters.

Feeling connected to other also matters.

Having some fun and a creative outlet also matters.

Mindset matters.

And it can really fun and empowering to learn how our mind & emotions really work.

And, you also have a body.

Don’t forget to nurture it, too.


Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

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