Why I Became So Impressed with Probiotics

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A bit of back story: I am constantly toying with the idea of: “scheduling more ‘fun time.’

It’s a real issue for me because I LOVE THIS WORK I get to do within the Lifted Naturals brand.

This “work” is pretty much my idea of a good time.

I get to research and help people feel better and share big ideas and inspiration on our podcast

It’s a dream to be doing this work. Truly!

But it wasn’t always this way.

About five years ago, i became transfixed with probiotics because i saw what they could do.

Probiotics helped my son’s skin. It worked in an inside out-way.

They helped me finally have a natural solution for mood support. They helped to lift my mood and helped chill me out.

They helped my nephew feel better when he started having issues after taking antibiotics.

They helped my fellow cofounder (my husband) and his bathroom habits. No more 30 minute bathroom breaks!

They help keep our whole family “regular” and so much healthier.

And that was just our personal testimonials.

Since then, we’ve had hundreds, if not thousands of customers write to us sharing similar stories of amazement and appreciation.

I knew the benefits of probiotics were multi-dimensional, but, wow.

How interesting to see how each person benefits differently!

I truly believe gut health is a master key to experiencing improved overall health.

Lifted Naturals: Started from scratch

For the record, I know some of you are still confused about this:

Yes! we did create our own custom formulas of MOOD probiotics.

No! We are not a part of a multi-level-marketing company.

No! we are not a distributor of someone else’s company.

Lifted Naturals products are created by us…

And, of course, our USA based manufacturer, who is GMP certified and is also NSF certified.

Yes, we only use the BEST ingredients to make our products.

Having your trust and support has been incredible.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us.

Cheers to feeling better and better,


Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

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