7 Exciting Reasons to Take A Probiotic

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Probiotics, aka, good bacteria, can help with a lot of things. This article outlines 7 exciting benefits of taking a probiotic, along with scientific backed research to stand behind one.

Let’s jump in!

Reason number one to take a probiotic

…you want to poop more regularly.

If you are pooping too much or not enough, you would likely benefit from taking a probiotic.

(Generally, healthy adults poop once or twice per day). (1, 2)

Reason number two to take a probiotic

…you want to avoid diarrhea during your antibiotic treatment. (3)

Remember! The job of an antibiotic is to kill ALL the bacteria. Antibiotics cannot differentiate between good bacteria and bad. So… talk to your doctor about replenishing your gut’s good bacteria by taking a probiotic during and after your antibiotic prescription.

Reason number three to take a probiotic

…you want to enhance your mood.

Stress and mood issues are not all in your head… But they might be in your gut!

The gut-brain connection is real. Improve your emotional health (and mood!) by enhancing your gut health with a probiotic. (4)

Reason number four to take a probiotic

…you want to promote a healthy body weight and put up a personal fight against the obesity epidemic. (5)

Good gut flora is beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight. Did you know that!?

Reason number five to take a probiotic

…you want to promote healthy skin. (6)

Take a probiotic to help supoport your immune system and encourage healthy skin.

Reason number six to take a probiotic

… you want hormones support. (7)

Take a probiotic supplement to help your body balance estrogen and provide other hormone support.

Reason number seven to take a probiotic

… you want to boost your immune system and need allergy support. (8)

Allergies are no fun. Why not try to support your allergies with a high quality probiotic?

That’s wrap!

Isn’t it exciting to have more options for these issues?

We’re pretty excited about our probiotic and the benefits our customers are experiencing. Our formulas are specifically targeted to help with mood as well as other digestive and immune supportive benefits listed above.

Have you used a probiotic for any of the above reasons?

Or maybe you’ve used it to help with something else?

We love hearing from you. And if you have any questions, we’d love to help!

Sylvia | Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

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