Lifted Naturals Mood Probiotics: Lets Talk About Ingredients

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Many of you have asked and we’re eager to answer:

What makes our Mood Boosting Probiotic so great?

And what makes it helpful for MOOD issues?

The simple answer is: our ingredients!

Lifted naturals: quality ingredients matter

1. Specific types of bacterial strains (the ones that target mood and the body’s stress response)

2. A HIGH potency of 30 BILLION CFU’s per capsule

3. The PREBIOTIC GOS, which also helps with the mood stuff, too

4. USA manufacturing facility, which is GMP Certified and NSF Certified

5. No added fillers or extra, icky ingredients

The best probiotics for mood also calls for the best prebiotics for mood

Many probiotics feature the prebiotic FOS, which is good for gut health but has not been shown to help with mood, also.

Our inclusion of prebiotic GOS makes our probiotic cutting edge!

Also, our Mood Probiotic formulas each have varied strains to help you feel better, naturally.

On top of all this mood stuff, our specially chosen bacterial strains are also designed to help support immune and digestive health.

It’s not an either/or deal.

It’s yes/and..!

Which is a major #bonus.

Lifted Naturals probiotics help with mood support, but they also help with digestion and immune support, too.

Potency matters

One SINGLE capsule is a full dose of our probiotics.

And each capsule has 30 billion CFU.

Many probiotics have much less.

Our Lifted Naturals probiotics are also guaranteed until expiration… not just from date of manufacture!

And best of all, our Mood Probiotic formulas are great for women and men.

Within our household, our kids take our formulas, too.

But, of course, talk to your child’s doctor about finding a probiotic that is good for them!

Lastly, no extras.

We don’t have icky fillers because our probiotic is already filled to the brim with good stuff: aka probiotics and in certain formulas, prebiotics, too.

Why add unhealthy ingredients to a dietary supplement designed to promote health? Cheers to your wellbeing,


Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

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