Mood Issues Are Not All In Our Heads

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**Flashback ** to several years ago.

I was waffling.

I wanted to create my own line of mood probiotics.

But it was a big undertaking.

I had been studying the impact of specific bacterial strains on mood and the body’s stress response.

I had been doing my research to find a GMP certified facility that was located in the US.

And then, I got an email.

The email was from a mentor of mine, who I really admire.

She wrote about her struggles.

She wrote how she can coach herself through her worries and how it takes work but she is glad she can do it.

It resonated.

I, too, knew how to confront my worried-thoughts.

But, I realized something else.

I realized I refuse to believe we are simply born this way.

Frazzled. Stressed out. Zapped.

I refused to believe it.

I refused to believe that these mood issues are all in our heads.

I believe for every effect there is a cause and for most of us, there’s something going on a level deeper than thought.

I had found through my research that over 70% of our body’s serotonin is made in our gut, and not in our heads. (And that’s just ONE of MANY feel-good neurotransmitters!)

I knew that mindset was a HUGE piece of the puzzle.

But it was still only one piece.

I decided to create my own line of probiotics because I believe health and wellbeing are ours to experience.

And I believe that gut health is inextricably connected to our moods.

And if we pull back a few layers, improving our gut health is a big key to experiencing better health: emotional and physical.

Cheers to feeling better,


Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

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