The Most Common Betrayal of All

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Mom Life Lessons

A BIG part of the Lifted Naturals brand story is that I was a mom who was struggling after having my second child. So, it probably comes as no surprise that I continue to learn so much through my experiences as a mom..

Being a mom is one of the most important things in my life.

I have a very close relationship with both my kids and those relationships are each unique.

My daughter and I often have a blast together.

Literally —we can make almost any event or outing a good time.

My son and I are very similar and can relate to each other’s’ sensibilities quite well.

Empaths. Deep feelers. Ok, maybe even over-thinkers!

We continually set examples for each other, carrying the weight of things that are not ours to carry... then feeling the curse of that emotional weight through a headache. We are getting better at this, though! We are learning together.

We are learning our emotional patterns and becoming more and more willing to watch our emotional response to uncomfortable situations.

Most importantly of all, we are learning to stop betraying ourself.

The Most Common Betrayal of All

In my opinion, that is the most common betrayal of all: the betrayal of self.

Choosing to put someone else’s preferences and needs above our own.

Choosing to be nice to others, at the expense of our own needs or wellbeing.

Yes, as a mother, it happens sometimes.

But eventually it will catch up to us.

We have to prioritize ourselves.

And we model for our children how to do this.

If we continually give selflessly to everyone else we will end up with nothing left to give.

And equally as unfortunate is that they, too, will mirror this act of betrayal; seeing it as ‘the way.’

Our emotions and emotional patterns hold the KEY to untangling SO VERY MUCH of the dis - ease we experience.

As we become more and more curious about your emotional reaction to things, we can set ourselves free from the prisons we create.

Become the watcher of your responses.

This is a big step in self-care and wholistic vibrancy.

This will lead you back home to yourself.


Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted Naturals


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I do believe they can help you.

I would love for you to use our probiotics to support your gut and your mood and your digestion.

But more than anything, I want you to know just how powerful you are.

I want you to choose yourself.​

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