My First Time Taking A Probiotic

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In the beginning, I thought my wife wanted to start a supplement company.

She was all fired up about probiotics and had a big idea to create something (better!) of her own.

To be honest, I had never given much thought to the gut-brain connection or even considered the possibility that a probiotic could help you feel better.

I mean, of course I was on board to help her because it was something she was passionate about and it was something she believed in. But really wasn’t “all in” Not at all.

But, with her idea of a custom formula probiotic… Lifted Naturals was born.

Honestly, I never thought it would be something that actually physically helped me and I never dreamt it would become something that I was passionate about, too.

But here we are.

Helping people feel better

People often say they want to help others.

But until you actually hear their stories you don’t realize how much those people are suffering…. with mood, digestive issues, and everything in between.

I foolishly believed that I was the only person struggling with issues like that.

But shortly after releasing our products, we began receiving countless emails and messages from people sharing their experiences of feeling better and also sharing the MANY ways our products were helping them.

It really validated for me that this gut-brain thing was real.

My first experience taking a probiotic

The first couple of weeks taking our Mood Boosting Probiotic, my trips to the bathroom were a little more frequent and urgent. I experienced some bloating and discomfort. It was almost alarming at first, but Sylvia (my wife) assured me that was normal… especially since I hadn’t taken a probiotic before.

I now know that it was all the good bacteria going to work and actually cleansing the gut of the bad bacteria and building up the good.

It’s one of the main reasons I am always telling Sylvia to tell people to give it time!

For me, it took a little time.

Within a couple of weeks, though, those issues smoothed out and things became much more regular.

And, now, time spent in the bathroom is much, much less!

Looking back, I never would’ve even considered my lengthy bathroom visits as odd or unhealthy, but now I can see how much it’s all improved.

Immune system benefits

Some of the other changes kind of went unnoticed. We were taking our probiotics every day and not really even thinking twice about it.

But then after taking them for several months we realized we had made it through a whole winter with significantly less sickness in the family.

Maybe there were a couple of scratchy throats but it was nothing like the previous few winters.

If you’re like us and have kids at home, you know what a big deal this is!

Mood Boost?

As far as the mood stuff, I think it’s a complicated issue. I can’t say it’s been a magic pill for me in that area, but I do think it helps.

I’m a big believer in the power of momentum and I truly do think our probiotics can start the momentum in the right direction.

The Lifted movement

Fast forward a few months down the road when I was on a walk with my wife, having one of our many discussions about our Lifted brand… and it hit me.

Lifted is not a supplement company.

We aren’t just selling pills.

We’re changing lives.

We’re creating a WELLBEING MOVEMENT.

And it feels really good.

Tim, the other Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

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