Mood Booster Supplement: The Hidden Mood Enhancing Power of Probiotics

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Do you often find yourself feeling down or lacking in motivation? Have you tried various herbs and vitamins but haven’t found any natural mood enhancer that works for you? Fret not! In this article, we’ll introduce you to a not-so-hidden secret to boosting your mood: the power of probiotics.

Recent research has linked the gut microbiome to mood, behavior, and the brain. Scientists call this two-way communication the gut-brain axis. It’s a fascinating area of research that has the potential to revolutionize our approach to mental health– one specific strain of probiotic bacteria at a time! Keep reading to learn more about how mood-boosting probiotics can help lift your spirits.

Probiotics and the Gut-Brain Connection

Before we delve into the specifics of mood-boosting probiotics, it’s worth mentioning the correlation between the gut and brain. Did you know that the gut is often referred to as the “second brain?” There is a direct connection between the gut and the brain, and when one is affected, it's likely to impact the other.

If your gut is upset, it can send signals to your brain to trigger feelings of sadness, worry, and other negative emotions. One way to establish a healthy gut and, ultimately, improve your mood is by taking probiotics. But not just any probiotic will do. Specific mood probiotic strains are required!

Mood Supplements

Nowadays, selecting the right probiotic supplement for mood can seem like a daunting task. With so many different probiotics in the market, it's crucial to find a high-quality brand with mood-specific strains like Lifted Naturals, Here at Lifted Naturals, we have four specific types of mood supplement probiotics. Why? Because what works for one person does not always work for the next.

And now, with over five years of experience in the mood probiotic market, we are more confident than ever that ONE of our formulas will likely be the mood enhancing supplement you need!

Mood Boosting Probiotic: A Synbiotic Mood Booster Supplement

Mood Boosting Probiotic is a mood supplement with a synergistic mix of probiotics and prebiotics. The prebiotic, GOS, acts as food for the good bacteria in the gut and the nine different mood-specific probiotic strains in this supplement work together to optimize digestive function and promote a positive mood.

Bifidus Mood Boost: A Mood Enhancer Synbiotic for Histamine Sensitivity

This supplement is ideal for people with histamine intolerance or sensitivity. Histamine intolerance can result in various health issues, such as headaches, dermatitis, and mood swings. Thankfully, Bifidus Mood Boost has strains that do not produce histamine, making it an excellent supplement to support digestive health and manage mood. It also contains the prebiotic GOS, which acts as food for the probiotic bacteria.

Mood Super Strains: A Mood Booster Probiotic for Histamine Sensitivity

If you have histamine intolerance but prefer a probiotic-only supplement, Mood Super Strains may be the way to go. This product is formulated with probiotic strains that support a healthy gut-brain connection without contributing to high histamine levels. It featured L Rhamnosus GG, which is a very potent and popular probiotic strain for mood support and so much more!

SBO Mood Boost: A Spore-Based Probiotic for Histamine Sensitivity

This histamine sensitive supplement is created with spore-based probiotics, which are unique as they can withstand harsh conditions such as heat and acid. SBO Mood Boost is optimal for people with more tricky digestive issues and provides excellent benefits for digestive health and mood.

Probiotics work as excellent mood enhancing supplements, when you include the right strains and species! Taking probiotics regularly can support your gut-brain connection, ultimately improving your mood and overall well-being. Lifted Naturals believes in the importance of sourcing high-quality, lab-tested ingredients to create supplements that meet your unique needs. So, why not try our mood boosting probiotics and see how your mood can improve?

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