5 Impressive Probiotics Facts We Love to Share

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Probiotics play a crucial role in your overall well-being and studies continue to reveal new ways that probiotics benefit the body. As probiotics continue to take their spot in mainstream wellness, most of us can probably name at least one benefit of probiotics or briefly talk about one advantage that we’ve heard about on the news. At Lifted Naturals, we believe in the power of probiotics and we want to share these 5 impressive probiotics facts with you that we just can’t keep to ourselves.

Probiotics are a big part of your body’s composition

An average healthy human has about 3.5 pounds of probiotic bacteria in their body. Comparatively, our brain only weighs about 3 pounds; that’s a lot of good bacteria that is housed inside all of us! Scientists have shown that there are 10x more probiotics than cells in our body, and if our bacteria were laid out next to each other, they would circle the globe 2.5 times. This good bacteria can be found anywhere; the largest amounts live in the colon, but billions can also be found in your mouth, nasal passages, stomach, and intestines, and even under your armpits or between your toes. They don’t just live in the gut- they’re everywhere!

Probiotics are linked to your immune response

Due to the fact that probiotics are present in every part of our body, it makes sense that probiotic-bacteria are connected in large part to our immune response. Probiotics improve the strength and efficiency of our immune system, making us better prepared to stay healthy. Probiotics have been shown in studies to help with lots of everyday issues….

Probiotics benefit children’s health from an early age

There is not an age limit for an individual to reap the health benefits of probiotics. Probiotic studies in children have shown that probiotic supplementation can be quite helpful! Studies have shown that taking probiotics from an early age can help build a child’s immune system, lessening their need of “other” interventions throughout their childhood.

There’s a strong connection between your gut and your brain

Your mood issues are not all in your head; in fact, they might just start in your gut! Individuals are increasingly showing interest in taking probiotics for emotional health issues, whether that’s sadness, mood issues, or even negative thoughts. Studies are showing that probiotics help you handle stress, affect your mood in a positive way, and enhance the overall function of your brain. Probiotics have an ability to produce GABA and serotonin, which allows the gut to trigger the brain to change its behavior. Chronically elevated levels of inflammation are also known to be a major underlying cause of mood disorders, which, you guessed it- a healthy gut full of good bacteria can help balance.

Probiotics can help with skin health

Gut health and skin health are connected! If the gut is struggling, the skin will showcase those struggles though issues to help get our attention. Probiotics have been shown to help out with a variety of pesky skin issues. (SOURCE)

As firm believers of probiotics, we are passionate about the gut-brain connection and passionate about how a probiotic supplement can positively affect many aspects of your physical and emotional health.


Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted Naturals

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