Probiotics for Men: Natural Mood Support & More

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Do you deal with mood swings, irritability, low energy levels, or poor immunity? If so, you're not alone. Men often experience these symptoms due to various reasons such as lack of sleep, poor diet, or relationship stress. But the key factor here is the effect of stress on the body, mind, and spirit!

Unfortunately, many ‘mood support things’ can trigger undesirable consequences, especially for men! ;)

Although there are many supplements available, probiotics are an excellent and natural solution for men's mood support. Not only can probiotics help with mood, but they also can help with digestion and naturally support our immune system.

In this post, we'll talk about the benefits of probiotics for men’s health, which probiotic strains to choose, and highlight why Lifted Naturals has some of the best men's probiotics.

Probiotics for Men: Mood Support & More

Many studies have shown a connection between the gut and mood. A healthy gut usually means better mood, cognitive function, and wellbeing. Probiotics contain beneficial bacteria that can support the gut microbiome, leading to improved mental health. With the right combination of strains, probiotics can support issues of low mood, nervous mood, and improve overall well being. (SOURCE)

Best Men’s Probiotics

Many probiotic strains perform specific functions, so it's important to choose the right product for your needs. At Lifted Naturals, we offer four different mood probiotics that can help boost men's wellbeing.

Mood Boosting Probiotic is the best place to start if you don't suffer from any known histamine issues.

Histamine issues are typically more common amongst females, but men can struggle with histamine issues, too. (SOURCE)

Common signals of histamine intolerance include: bloating, skin issues, headaches or migraines, diarrhea, unexplained itching, itchy eyes/runny nose/congestion.

Again, if you don’t have issues with histamine, we recommend Mood Boosting Probiotic as a great probiotic for men. It contains nine different strains of probiotic bacteria, including L. Plantarum 1714 and B. Longum 1714. These two strains are big hitters in the mood probiotic world! (SOURCE: 1, 2)

But if you do have histamine issues, options like Bifidus Mood Boost and Mood Super Strains are our more histamine sensitive probiotics for men.

Bifidus Mood Boost is our histamine-friendly probiotic AND prebiotic and Mood Super Strains is our histamine-friendly probiotic ONLY, which features Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG.

SBO Mood Boost is an excellent option if you are struggling with trickier digestive issues or have ‘wiped out’ all of your good bacteria on one or more occasions.

Natural Mood Support

Probiotics have been a popular supplement for some time now because of their numerous health benefits, including digestion and immune support.. With the right combination of strains, they can work wonders in keeping men's mood-health and wellbeing in check. This is our focus at Lifted Naturals: a positive, lifted mood!

Choose the probiotic strain that fits your needs, based on your histamine tolerance and dietary requirements. Try our Mood Boosting Probiotic or one of our other equally potent products for the best men’s probiotic experience.

Experience the benefits of probiotics for men's health and mood - start your journey towards better overall wellbeing today.

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