Probiotic for Histamine Intolerance: Histamine-Free Probiotics

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Do you suspect you have a histamine intolerance but are not sure? Histamine intolerance is a situation where the body accumulates an excessive amount of histamine due to an imbalance in the enzymes that break it down. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and can include headaches, hives, itching, swelling, digestive issues, mood issues, among others.

If you struggle from histamine intolerance, adding histamine-free probiotics to your diet can be a game-changer. In this post, we will introduce you to three histamine-free probiotic options that can support your overall health and wellness. Oftentimes, women deal with histamine issues more than men, but either way, our probiotics can help.

SBO Mood Boost Probiotic

SBO Mood Boost is a histamine-free spore-based probiotic that is purely probiotics (no prebiotics). It's an excellent option for women who want to optimize their health, naturally. This probiotic features three beneficial strains of soil-based probiotic bacteria that can survive the body's gastric juices and colonize in the gut. It's perfect for women who struggle with pesky and harder-to-deal-with digestive issues. Spore based probiotics are some of the best probiotics for women who are dealing with histamine issues.

Bifidus Mood Boost Probiotic

Our Bifidus Mood Boost probiotic is a histamine-sensitive synbiotic, which means it's a probiotic and prebiotic all-in-one. Bifidus Mood Boost is ideal for women with histamine intolerance, as it does not have any lactobacillus strains of bacteria, which is often better for histamine sensitive individuals.

Bifidus Mood Boost features the prebiotic GOS, which is known for its mood supportive properties as well (SOURCE). This low histamine probiotic formula is particularly advantageous for women who have not been able to tolerate other probiotics due to their histamine issues. It features four specific, bifidobacteria probiotic strains that are gentle on your digestive system and can help soothe the gut and support a healthy mood!

Mood Super Strains Probiotic

Our Mood Super Strains probiotic is a histamine-sensitive probiotic-only choice. It includes NO prebiotic fiber, which was requested from some of our more sensitive, histamine-intolerant customers. Mood Super Strains features six different strains of probiotics, each with specific mood and digestive benefits. This comprehensive blend is ideal for histamine sensitive women who want to support their digestion while also experiencing immune and cognitive health benefits. It can potentially help in increasing positive energy levels and focus, along with supporting a healthy weight. (SOURCE 1, 2)

Importance of Histamine-Free Probiotics

Histamine intolerance has become a widespread issue for many people, and probiotics play a crucial role in supporting gut health. When you’ve been dealing with tricky histamine issues, it's essential to choose a probiotic that will not add more histamine to your system.

Histamine-free probiotics can help boost your gut health without exacerbating your histamine intolerance issues. Adding these probiotics to your diet can be a game-changer for your overall health.

The Best Low Histamine Probiotics

Histamine intolerance can be a challenging issue to navigate, and can even be downright exhausting! But with the right support on your side, it's possible to manage it and improve your overall health and wellness. Histamine-free probiotics are a great way to support your gut health without exacerbating your symptoms.

Consider trying one of the three options we outlined in this post to see if you can get some relief you deserve!

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