Best Probiotics for Women: Supporting Digestion, Mood, and Hormonal Balance

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Ready for a lifted mood? Good health and well-being are essential for a life well lived. With the standard busyness of modern life, it's common to deal with digestive issues, mood swings, and hormonal issues. However, there's no need to struggle in vain!

Instead, you can support your digestive, immune, and psychological health with the best probiotics for women. This comprehensive guide will help you explore the world of probiotics and discover the best women’s probiotics – ones that work best for your unique needs.

The Health Benefits of Probiotics for Women

Probiotics are living microorganisms that live inside our bodies and impact our health in many ways. They are found in specific foods and dietary supplements and can survive the stomach's acidic environment to help improve gut health and boost the immune system. Over the years, scientists have discovered that probiotics for women can support hormonal balance, relieve stress, improve skin health, enhance mood, and more! But not all probiotics offer the same benefits.

The Four Best Probiotics for Women

Mood Boosting Probiotic

Our top-selling women's probiotic is the Mood-Boosting Probiotic. It's a synbiotic, meaning it features both probiotics and prebiotics, which work together to improve digestive function and support gut microbiome balance. This powerful blend contains nine different strains of probiotics, which can uplift your mood and support digestion, which in turn helps to support hormonal health. Like all of our probiotics, it does not require refrigeration, so it’s an excellent choice for women on the go.

Bifidus Mood Boost Probiotic

Our Bifidus Mood Boost probiotic is a histamine-sensitive synbiotic, which means it's ideal for women with histamine intolerance. It features the prebiotic GOS, which is the same prebiotic in our top-seller, noted above. This probiotic blend is particularly advantageous for women who have not been able to tolerate other probiotics due to their histamine issues. It features four specific, bifidobacteria probiotic strains that are gentle on your digestive system and can help soothe the gut and our mood!.

Mood Super Strains Probiotic

Our Mood Super Strains probiotic is a histamine-sensitive probiotic-only choice. It features six different strains of probiotics, each with specific mood and digestive benefits. This comprehensive blend is ideal for histamine sensitive women who want to support their digestion while also experiencing immune and cognitive health benefits. It can potentially help in increasing energy levels, improving memory, and enhancing focus.

SBO Mood Boost Probiotic

Lastly, SBO Mood Boost is a histamine-sensitive spore-based probiotic that is purely probiotics (no prebiotics). It's an excellent option for women who want to optimize their health, naturally. This probiotic features three beneficial strains of soil based probiotic bacteria that can survive the body's gastric juices and colonize in the gut. It's perfect for women who struggle with pesky and harder-to-deal-with digestive issues. Additionally, it’s great for vaginal and hormonal health support as well.

Hormonal Support with Probiotics

Women's hormonal health can also benefit from probiotics. Studies have shown that specific strains can improve vaginal health by balancing the pH and can also support premenstrual symptoms such as mood swings, bloating, and cramping. Although none of our MOOD probiotics are specifically for women ONLY, they are all mood supportive for women in unique and helpful ways!

Lifted Mood: Support Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Women can benefit from taking the best probiotics to support their overall health and wellness. With four different probiotics here at Lifted Naturals, we know: what works for one person does not always work for the next!

Remember that probiotics are a natural and effective way to support your immune system, offer better digestion, and promote optimal health. Achieve your wellness goals today by taking one of our top-selling mood probiotics from Lifted Naturals.

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