Whether you’re new to SBO Probiotics or an avid proponent of this type of probiotic, they’re worth talking about. And… you may find that they help you be the healthiest version of yourself!

Soil based organisms or spore based organisms, are found in the dirt and their powerful properties can help you with anything from digestion to mood. So, what’s important to know about SBOs? Let’s start by taking it back to our ancestors.


Our ancestors

SBOs have been around for a long time… before we were even on this Earth! There are more than 100 species of microbes found in the soil and our ancestors were face-to-face with this powerful bacteria that would’ve been present on roots, low-growing leaves, and any fruits or vegetables that ended up on the ground.

Through our ancestors’ routine eating and living habits, they were probably getting a healthy (and natural) dose of probiotics every day! They didn’t pick their fruit from the produce section and scrub it when they arrived home. Our ancestors grew fruit and vegetables, pulled them straight from the ground, and not much happened between that moment and the time of consumption.

No triple-washed spinach for our ancestors. They were not a part of a hygiene-centric society; food was eaten as it was found and they were in direct contact with the earth.


Let’s talk science

Just a little bit! SBOs have a 3-stage life cycle: vegetative growth, sporulation, and germination. The spore structure preserves the bacteria in a dormant phase and protects against any outside threats or harm. When it’s consumed, it travels to the lower intestine where it comes alive. Like a seed, warm temps, moisture, and nutrients encourage the germination stage, causing it to emerge from dormancy. Soil-based probiotics are well-equipped to survive in the environment of the gut, and have been shown to take up residence there, where they can provide long-term health benefits to individuals of all ages.


How can SBOs help?

The scope of health benefits that SBOs provide is varied. SBOs can have positive effects on mood, skin, mental health, digestion, sleep, nutrient absorption, energy levels, and the health of your immune system. Check out a few facts about the power of SBOs:

  • SBOs have been found to be beneficial for autoimmune conditions. One specific strain of bacteria in SBOs helps with the production of immunoglobulin A (IgA), which plays a key role in supporting your immune system.
  • A protein derived from SBOs has been able to restart the immune systems of people with allergies, lung cancer, and tuberculosis.
  • SBOs have been shown to help people with Gulf War Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Recent use of SBOs by HIV-infected patients has had positive results when it comes to energy and weight gain.
  • SBOs can bring gut microbiota back to normalcy, which has shown tremendous effect on bowel function and other digestive concerns, such as stool consistency or gas production.


How are they different from other probiotics?

Let’s focus on 3 traits that make SBOs stand out from the crowd.

  1. They are more resistant to the stomach’s acid. The natural structure of SBOs make them strong and sturdy, which allows them to survive the trip through the stomach to the intestines.
  2. If you have SIBO or take a regular probiotic and have more gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or digestive issues (or even exacerbated symptoms), SBOs are proven to be a better alternative for improved health.
  3. The built-in environmental stability of SBOs does not require a specialized coating or an abundance of preservatives to ensure that it reaches the gut.


Are there any safety concerns?

SBOs are not literally taken from the ground and thrown in a bottle. SBOs are subject to the same standards and regulations as other probiotic supplements. They are monitored to ensure quality, but no matter what kind of strains you’re consuming, it’s essential to only ingest probiotics from a trusted company. While adverse symptoms are minimal, it might take some time experimenting to figure out your rhythm, pinpoint an ideal regimen, and find a product that matches your needs.

The roots of SBOs are found right in the dirt! How much closer can you get to nature? Bacteria represent the oldest known life on the planet, with research dating back to 3.77 billion years ago! The modern, sterile, hygiene-focused environment that we live in doesn’t resemble how our ancestors lived. How has our lifestyle altered our interior ecosystems and affected our health? SBOs are a natural advantage that can truly change your life, and guess what?


At Lifted Naturals, we are NOW offering an SBO probiotic supplement, so that you can take advantage of this all-natural way to feel better and live a happier life.

Not everyone responds well to the traditional probiotic species: Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, and for those people, an SBO Probiotic might just be the perfect solution!