I realize I may have a bias in this realm, but the truth about probiotics is… they work.

They certainly help with digestive health and they also contribute to  immune health and mental health.

But here’s the other thing about probiotics, you might not know or realize: if you are new to taking probiotics, your microbiome might not respond so kindly… at first.

That’s right. Rather than experience immediate benefits from taking a probiotic, your gut might might be ‘less than appreciative at first.’

Why’s that?

Well, simply stated: it’s a shock to your microbiome.

It’s simply not used to having all of that beneficial bacteria in there.

Some people who are new to taking a probiotic have reported gas or bloating when they first start taking a probiotic supplement.

Unfortunately, many stop taking a probiotic altogether when this happens.

But the best course of action is to wait a few days and then try again in a smaller dose. From there, gradually increase the dose to allow your body time to adjust.

How do you take a smaller dose of a capsule? Simply pour some of the probiotic powder out of the capsule! If you don’t want to waste it, you can pour some into a spoon full of apple sauce or yogurt, and then swallow.

If your initial reaction to taking a probiotic is less than desirable, do not give up! Simply slow down and allow your body time to adjust. The health benefits of a daily probiotic are simply too good to miss out on!

Sylvia Hall, cofounder of Lifted