When I was coaching, I worked with my clients on their mindset.

It was awesome work, because we could create so much positive change.

I loved helping people feel better and get excited about their life.

We focused on creating awareness around thoughts patterns. And, then, putting new energy and attention into new patterns we wanted to create.

But I could tell there were more pieces to the puzzle regarding ‘how to feel better’ and I wanted to:

1.) learn them

B.) share them

(Insert winkie face.)

I’ve learned so much since then.

And just like that saying “you were not born to pay bills and die,” I think it’s fitting to add in “you were not born to feel anxious and die.”

I believe we were designed to feel good in our bodies.

I created a workshop called, The How to Feel Better Workshop, which you can see the basics of below.

If you want to watch the video workshop, it’s totally free. Simply sign up here:

The How to Feel Better Workshop Basics

1. Manage your mind.

Yes. Managing your mind is a huge piece of the puzzle, so I like to start here. You need to learn how to become the “watcher of your thoughts.”

Once you do this, a new level of awareness brings clarity and vision to what matters most to you.

2. Get Outside

Did you know… proximity to green-space lowers stress? Maybe we were not designed to stay inside our houses (or offices!) all day long? Maybe, just maybe, nature is the missing link in our stressed out society?

Do yourself a favor and pencil-in some daily time outdoors. I know it’s harder during the winter months (or even the extreme heat of the summer months!), but 10 minutes of fresh air does the body so much good.

3. Eat more Real Food

Real food is good for the body. It promotes health, and can help you feel better. As opposed to what? As opposed to processed food, with multiple ingredients.

This isn’t about an all-or-nothing mentality. This is about incorporating MORE real, whole, nourishing foods into your diet. Because it will help you feel better mentally and physically.

4. Move Your Body

Physical exercise is so darn good for our minds and our bodies it’s kinda ridiculous. The best questions to ask yourself:

How can I incorporate more movement into my day?

How do I LOVE to move my body?

Find ways you enjoy movement. There has to be at least one or two!

My preferred movement activities are walking, dancing, yoga, and when I can make it happen… tennis!

5. Heal Your Gut

Gut health has been a huge piece of the puzzle for me on my healing journey.  I’ve dealt with anxiety, postpartum depression, and heck, I’ve even had a semi-nervous breakdown.

The short story is, there’s a massive connection between the gut and the brain. Heal one, heal the other.  This MAJOR ah-ha is what inspired me to create my own probiotic that focused heavily on mood support. 

I hope you enjoyed this free mini workshop. Remember if you want to get the video workshop, you can sign up to get it below!

Cheers to feeling better and better!

Sylvia | Cofounder of LIFTED