Lifted Naturals has a new probiotic: Mood Super Strains

We wanted to let you know: We just released a new psychobiotic!  (That’s fancy talk for “probiotic with mood benefits.”)

Our new release, Mood Super Strains is NOW available for purchase directly from our website.

What makes it different? Why did we create YET ANOTHER mood probiotic?

(Great questions!)

First of all, it’s different because it’s a different formulation of good bacterial strains.

Yes, they are all mood related, just like our previous products. But this is a different combination of bacteria, which will help a different combination of microbiomes.

For Mood Super Strains, we’ve combined 6 strains in total. All of which are still sensitive, histamine-free, d-lactate free, and mood targeted.

Additionally, it’s different because it does NOT contain any prebiotics.

Our first two mood formulated probiotics (Mood Boosting Probiotic and Bifidus Mood Boost) both contain prebiotic GOS. We chose this prebiotic based on the research done on prebiotic GOS for anxiety support.

For our new formula, we wanted to offer our customers an options with JUST probiotic bacteria.

Yes we are quite fond of using prebiotic GOS for our mood formulas, but there are a few groups of people who are looking for a probiotic without prebiotic. Who might that be?

Well, we’ve all been told that prebiotic (fiber) can help with constipation. But for some, it can actually make constipation worse. Our newest formula, Mood Super Strains seems to be especially suited for those struggling with constipation.

Additionally, there’s some speculation that prebiotics can be troublesome for those with candida and yeast issues, though there are mixed opinions on that point.

Now more than ever, we are thrilled to offer three different types of mood probiotics to help our customers feel better, naturally.  Oh! And as always: it’s a 60 day supply, no refrigeration required, and no fillers or extras.

Check out Mood Super Strains today!