Honestly the alternate title for this post could have been:

Who the hell Do I think I am to start a line of probiotics?

The great news is… I know exactly who I am and in this post I’m going to tell you.

As far as the “how” goes, I always like to start with this clarification: 

No, I did not get “all breaking bad” up in my house.

The process of starting my own natural supplement company is a lot like starting any other product-based company. 

Yes, you can make it… OR… you can find a high-integrity and qualified manufacturer.

I had an extremely specific formula that I was looking to create and it required a lot of researching and reaching out, in order to find the perfect company.

I was looking for a manufacturer that could do three things: offer a high-quality product, with very specific strains, and all at a reasonable price.

As a mom and the lead budget strategist of the family, price is — and always will be —  incredibly important to me.

I mean, it was a deal-breaker if I could not get a lower price for my people!

So step one was finding a high-quality company that could handle my specific requests for specific bacterial strains as well as the specific prebiotic that I had researched.

After about a few dozen phone calls, I was in the game.

But from a marketing perspective I knew that I could have the best product in the world but if no one knew about it then I’d be up a creek.

I knew that I had to go big with this and so I needed to learn how to sell on Amazon.

I enrolled in a course, which required me to plunk down some cash and invest a great deal of my time. Many people think when they are buying off Amazon they are buying from Amazon. But many times, you are actually supporting a small business. Like when you buy from LIFTED!

The course, which I am still going through, can at times feel like busy-work, but I know that slowing down to learn this stuff will speed things up for me.

I KNOW that I need to get this product into more people’s homes, hands, and guts! 


So… you might be wondering…. how did I know which strains of bacteria I wanted included in my custom formula?

I am so glad you asked.

First, I researched which bacterial strains had been the most highly studied in correlation to anxiety relief and mood support.

As with all consumables, the ingredient list starts with the most concentrated ingredient first.

It was imperative that I included more of the specific strains, which have been documented to help with anxiety.

Second, I ‘trial and errored’ more probiotics than you can shake a stick at.

I noticed a “good difference” when I took certain strains of probiotics, and a “not-so-good” difference when I took others. 

It’s becoming more and more widely known that if your guts are always giving you trouble (i.e. digestive complaints), probiotics are the way to go!But I believe we will be seeing more and more of the role of bacterial balance in correlation with MANY other health issues.

…mental health, autoimmune issues, etc.

The manufacturer I chose was easy to work with and had their own scientists and formulators on staff, along with a dream team which guaranteed FDA compliance on our labels. 

So, my “specific bacterial concoction” was able to go from dream to reality!

I’m so excited to help balance the bellies of my customers so they can experience LIFTED. 

-Sylvia Hall | Cofounder of Lifted