At least once a day…

That’s what my new naturopathic doctor told me was a really important part of my hormone balancing and hormone headache issue.

“You need to be “going” at least once a day.”

Twice is great. But at least once is REALLY important.”

Now, listen.
I’m the probiotic gal.
I know this stuff.

But it’s been a wild summer and things got a little funky for a bit and I’d love to tell you about how all that went down…


You see, I am a very strong manifestor.

Don’t like that word? No problem: neither does my sister 😉

How about this: I am a mega creator.

This isn’t a brag.
It’s just honest.

And as someone who identifies as highly creative, my imagination can be both a blessing and/or a curse.

I am quite easily inspired— for better or worse!


If I listen to an uplifting podcast? I’m off to the races. Within 10 minutes I’ve probably starting writing a new book or came out with a new life-changing product. 😉


If I watch the news? Within 10 minutes I’m hiding under the blankets, shaking with anxiety and aching from the sadness of the world.

(Ok, these might be slight exaggerations, but I am trying to impress upon you my impressibility.)

What I’m saying is…. with the headache issue, I started to get more and more concerned about “WHAT” could be causing them.


In the headache and pain world this is often called our “triggers.”

What I know now that I DIDN’T know then— is that by continually keeping an eye out for triggers I was training my brain and my amygdala to be very cautious, very afraid, and very alert.

All of this “training” was making my headaches worse. Much, much worse.

All of this lead to a rather big problem of fearing certain foods (worrying they could give me a headache), fearing almost all drinks (worrying they could give me a headache), and, yes, for a few weeks, I even stopped taking most of my supplements (yes, you’ve got it: I was worried they might be contributing to my headaches.)

Now, listen up.

I didn’t *just* start a mood probiotic company because I am altruistic.
I mean, I’ve got a bit of that in me, but I also reallly like to feel good.

So, going without a probiotic was quite… problematic… for me.

I was eating healthy but still found my digestive system going back to it’s old ways of slow and sluggish.


Going “at least once a day” was more problematic than ever.

But after three month of chronic headaches and migraines, I’m waking up.

The pain was like a veil, messing up my vision (literally and metaphorically!).

But, this story has a happy ending.

Yet, of course, it’s not really an ending.


It feels like some really good stuff is just beginning, actually.

I’m back to taking our probiotic.
Bifidus Mood Boost is my personal choice, though my husband, Mr. Lifted, loves our Mood Boosting Probiotic.

AND I’m back to going at least once a day…

And I’m reminded of just how powerful we all really are.
More to come…

Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted