Most of you familiar with the LIFTED movement, know we are super-passionate about gut health.

But there’s more up our sleeve! We’re also into nutrient restoration.

In addition to our Mood Boosting Probiotic, Lifted now has a Mood Boosting Blend that is targeted to help with anxiety, mood issues, and the body’s stress response.

This new product is somewhat like a multivitamin, but it doesn’t have dozens of different vitamins and minerals. Why? Because many people are not deficient or in need of ALL of those vitamins.

Also many people (especially anxiety-prone or mood sensitive people) can have issues with certain vitamins within a multivitamin. As you’ve probably noticed by now, Lifted has a big-ol’ sweet spot for the anxiety-prone.

So, for this formula, we chose the FOUR MAIN vitamins (and minerals) that many people are deficient in and can have the biggest impact on anxiety and mood.

And as you’re about to see… oh, so much more!

Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients we chose for the Mood Boosting Blend, which was designed to heal mood issues naturally through nutrient restoration…


Vitamin D helps with SO many things including the relief of depression.

Optimal vitamin D levels can help prevent autoimmune diseases, anxiety, asthma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and MORE.

Vitamin D can also helps to keep bones strong. Calcium stole the show on this feature, but vitamin D is actually quite a big player in that game.

Back to that cancer, thing, though… some studies suggest that vitamin D can reduce breast cancer risk by 77%. SEVENTY-SEVEN percent!!!

Oh, and maybe it goes without saying (but then again, maybe not), but we’ve intentionally included one of the very BEST forms of vitamin D3: lichens.

A straight-up Vitamin D supplement was *almost* our second product choice because it is such a powerhouse, but we decided there were a couple of other nutrients we wanted to give you a boost with. Which brings us to….


We included vitamin C because it reduces both the physical and psychological signs of stress. It has also been studied to help with anxiety. But that’s not all. Vitamin C also helps with immune health, skin health, adrenal health, and helps with the production of glutathione, which is considered to be the master antioxidant.

(Our bonus ingredient goes along with the vitamin c: bioflavonoids and rose hips, which help with the absorption of the vitamin C.)


This isn’t just any old magnesium; it’s the BEST type of magnesium for someone with anxiety and it’s one of the *most* absorbable versions of magnesium. Did you know that magnesium is a natural relaxant? And that many people are deficient? BOOM! Not today, anxiety!


Last but not least is zinc. This ingredient might be the most surprising for some people. But many of us are zinc deficient, which is a problem because zinc is very calming and sedating. Zinc also increases GABA in the brain and is important for proper gut health, which is an obvious priority at LIFTED.

(We all know the gut health-mental health connection, right?!)

Last but not least….


Vegetable Cellulose Capsule

That’s it. Nothing extra besides the capsule that holds it all.

We don’t want to sound hateful, or judgey, but… it’s gross, really.

How can something that’s supposed to be good for you have all that extra gunk that is unnecessary?

It’s hypocrisy, really.


We hope this gives you a full picture of our Mood Boosting Blend.

Still have questions? Hit us up in the comments or write to us at:


Sylvia | Cofounder of Lifted