Probiotic Foods and Prebiotic Foods

Why Do We Need Both Probiotics and Prebiotics? In order to create a healthy microbiome, including both probiotics and prebiotics will be most beneficial. Why? Because probiotics and prebiotics have a synergistic relationship,working together to improve good bacterial diversity and enhance microbiome health.

Probiotics Causing Side-Effects?

If you are experiencing any side-effects from taking a probiotic, our best advice is not to stop, but instead to simply slow down the dosage.

Lessening the dosage allows the body time to get used to the new bacteria.

Typically, a side-effect from a probiotic is a sign that your body needs that good bacteria, and die-off of bad bacteria is causing the side-effect.

The RELIEF Course

I created this course because I get so many emails from people who are trapped inside the suffering of the mind. And I’m pretty sure I have a way out… 😉

The solution combines years of life coaching techniques, personal growth books, courses and trainings all boiled down to one, simple, potent e-course.

Anxiety is a Beast. How to Tame it, Naturally.

Anxiety is a beast and to be able to tame it would be life-changing. AMIRIGHT?

I spend quite a bit of time chatting with customers about getting rid of their anxiety because I’ve been there and done that and it’s rough.

Yes, I believe our probiotic and blend can help heal anxiety.

And, yet, I also believe that gut health and nutritional restoration are only pieces of a bigger puzzle.

Healing Mood Issues Through Nutrient Restoration

Mood Boosting Blend: This new product is somewhat like a multivitamin, but it doesn’t have dozens of different vitamins and minerals. Why? Because many people are not deficient or in need of ALL of those vitamins.

Also many people (especially anxiety-prone or mood sensitive people) can have issues with certain vitamins within a multivitamin. As you’ve probably noticed by now, Lifted has a big-ol’ sweet spot for the anxiety-prone.

New Product: Mood Boosting Blend

And today at LIFTED headquarters, we are excited to announce the launch of our second product, Mood Boosting Blend.

We’ve been scheming a second product to help with mood and anxiety since before the launch of our first product, Mood Boosting Probiotic, so this is a very exciting day!

This product is a simple yet potent vitamin and mineral blend that targets some of the core deficiencies that can trigger mood issues.

How I Weaned Off Antidepressants

Each time, I tried coming off of the antidepressants the way my doctor recommended.

And each time was a flop.

Their recommendation was pretty simple: take half of the pill for two weeks, then half of that for two weeks.

Then, whamoo! You’re done!


Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Beneficial Side-Effects?

Ahhhhh, beneficial side-effects: one of my favorite things about healing your gut and going “the natural route” when it comes to managing anxiety and getting our body back into the flow of feeling better.

What do we mean by beneficial-side effects?

Well, we’re talking about the GOOD things that happen in addition to the actual desired result you were looking for by taking something. The added perks, if you will.

Healing Back Pain (& maybe even HEADACHES?!) Naturally Through Trigger Point Therapy

I have this bad habit that I slowly sink back into. It involves me… forgetting to move my body.

It looks like this: I get sucked into work, and then I sit and work and forget to move.

Basically, like most Americans, I WAS SITTING TOO LONG.

Sitting too long is thought to be at least partial cause for: more than 30 chronic diseases, obesity, and higher health care costs. (SOURCE)

The How to Feel Better Workshop

When I was coaching, I worked with my clients on their mindset.

It was awesome work, because we could create so much positive change.

I loved helping people feel better and get excited about their life.

We focused on creating awareness around thoughts patterns. And, then, putting new energy and attention into new patterns we wanted to create.

But I could tell there were more pieces to the puzzle regarding ‘how to feel better’ and I wanted to:

1.) learn them

B.) share them

(Insert winkie face.)