**Flashback ** to SEVERAL months ago.

I was waffling.


I wanted to create my own line of probiotics.

But it was a big undertaking.

I had been studying the impact of specific bacterial strains on mood and the body’s stress response. 
And then, I got an email.

The email was from a mentor of mine, who I really admire.

She wrote about her anxiety.

She wrote how she can coach herself through her anxiety and how it takes work but she is glad she can do it.

It resonated.

I, too, knew how to confront my anxious-thoughts.

But, I realized something else.

I realized I refuse to believe we are simply born this way.
Anxious. Stressed out. Depressed.

I refuse to believe it.


I refused to believe our anxiety and mood issues are ALL in our heads.

I believe for every effect there is a cause and for most of us, there’s something going on a level deeper than thought.

Mindset is a HUGE piece of the puzzle. But it’s still only one piece.

I decided to create my own line of probiotics because I believe health and wellbeing are ours to experience.


And I believe if we pull back a few layers, gut health is not only a key but THE key to experiencing better health.

It is with absolute EXCITEMENT that I get to share with you our product, Mood Boosting Probiotic, which is available for purchase on Amazon.

It does ship free with PRIME (if you have it) … just be sure you are logged in to your Amazon account. Yay!

Come and check it out RIGHT HERE.


If you’re looking to be a part of the action:

1. Try the probiotic and see how you feel! <3

2. Write to me and let me know how it’s going. I love hearing personal stories. It helps me know how to best move the brand forward.

3. If you’re an overachiever…. share this post! There are little buttons that make it easy down at the bottom. I’ll be forever grateful.


-Sylvia | Cofounder of Lifted