Although probiotic supplements have become more mainstream in recent years, there are still many misconceptions and common confusions surrounding probiotics and their impact on health. Here are some myths that you may have come across, and the reality behind those statements. At Lifted Naturals, we believe in the power of probiotics, but we also strongly stand behind empowering ourselves with information and knowledge to feel better naturally. You are your own best advocate, and the more you know, the better you can lead a life of great health. 

Probiotics only work for digestion

Good bacteria is everywhere in your body; not just in your gut! It can be found in your colon, mouth, nasal passages, stomach, and intestines, and even under your armpits or between your toes. To say that probiotics are only beneficial for diarrhea and stomach issues, is just not so! There are many unique strains that help a variety of issues such as mental health, allergies, eczema, and immune response (among so many more!) Choose a probiotic that is specially designed to target your area of concern and balance out your good bacteria, even if it goes beyond your gut!

All yogurt contains powerful probiotics

Yogurt has made a reputation for itself that it is a great source of probiotics. Many foods and drinks are packed with probiotics that are beneficial for your health, but just because it’s yogurt, doesn’t mean that all yogurts are created equal. While we agree that yogurt can be a source of probiotics, be careful believing everything that you read. Conventional yogurts are commonly heat pasteurized which decreases the levels of live and active bacteria. Do your research so that you pay for and consume a yogurt that truly has the health benefits that you’re looking for for yourself or your family. 

All probiotic products are the same 

There are a lot of probiotic products out there and if you shop in store, the shelves are lined with bottles and packets to choose from. To state it simply, all probiotic products are not the same. Some probiotics contain a single strain, some include multiple strains, and the microbe concentrations can vary, as well. You don’t need a medical degree to figure out which one to take, but it will require some research and reading to understand which probiotic will work best for you. There are products that are tailored to specific issues such as mental health, or contain a certain amount of CFUs, whether you’re searching for a regular daily supplement, or looking to up the strength to take on an international trip where you’re digestion is of concern. 

You shouldn’t take probiotics with other medicine

The truth is that probiotics are considered safe in tandem with antibiotics and multivitamins. In fact, it is recommended by health professionals to take probiotics with antibiotics, specifically, to keep your gut in balance. The most important part of taking a probiotic alongside your antibiotic regimen, is that you space them out. Wait 2-3 hours after taking your antibiotic to take your probiotic. If your medication regimen is complex and long-term, check with your health professional so that you remain informed.

Probiotics are not safe for pregnant women

For many women, once they find out that they’re pregnant, the first instinct is to ensure that they’re taking a prenatal vitamin, and then eliminate any other medicines possible from their routine. Many probiotic supplements can help with digestive health and the overall well-being of pregnant, nursing, or postpartum moms. Probiotics can help keep the vagina microbiome in balance, work to enhance fertility, and improve anxiety, depression, and stress levels that can lead to postpartum depression. In one study, children of women who took probiotics during pregnancy had a 83% lower risk of developing eczema in the first 2 years of life. 

Only refrigerated probiotics are effective

While maybe in the past, there was some truth to the benefit of refrigeration for certain types of medicines, that’s just not the case anymore! Thanks to technology, shelf stable probiotics have been deemed equally safe and effective. No refrigeration is required with Lifted Naturals probiotics, which makes it easy and convenient for you to throw the bottle in your work bag or have it at your desk as a reminder to take it over lunch. Of course, follow the label and instructions from the company that you are purchasing from to ensure best results.

At Lifted Naturals, we have a passion for helping people feel better naturally. We believe that when we feel good, we can do more good. We are wildly optimistic about our capacity to feel better and we believe that probiotics play a big role in our overall health. Do you have more questions about probiotics? Check out our website or contact us for more information.