I woke up this anxiety this morning.

This isn’t a new thing.

This happens sometimes.

Not just to me, but to everyone.

And especially for those who regularly struggle with anxiety.

What IS new, though, is knowing I have a solution.

This solution… is not just ONE thing, but a combination of things.

Today, I want to share my anxiety-busting combination with you.


Because feeling anxious sucks.

It takes one to know one, right?

That’s why I proudly proclaim: no one is better suited to discuss anxiety (and the path to overcoming it!) than me.

You can relax knowing you are in the midst of an anxious expert! Er, I mean anxiety expert. 😉

I have experienced the depths of this hallow-breathed-hell.

From this place of knowing, I want to share how I walked myself through an anxious morning and turned it into a productive and enjoyable day.

Before we get started, can I just say: Try. Please, please try to trust the process. I’m sharing several things in this post and I truly believe they can help you to feel better.

Ok? Ok. Let’s do this.

One of the worst parts of anxiety: thinking it’s not going away.

So that’s the first step: intercepting the mind’s messaging.

I woke up this morning feeling anxious.

The feeling in my body was: anxiety.

The thoughts in my mind went something like this: Oh no! Not this. Not this again. I can’t do this today. I don’t want to feel this way today. Why do I have to feel this way today?

I won’t go into the ‘chicken or the egg’ debate… whether my anxious thoughts caused my anxiety, or the anxiety caused my anxious thoughts. Because either way, we need to intercept the thoughts!

Those thoughts were keeping me stuck in the feeling of anxiety.

It’s a cycle really, those thoughts and feelings.

So, step one: shift to a positive thought on purpose.

I grabbed this one:

Today is going to be amazing. I am loved and supported. Here we go!

Today is going to be amazing. I am loved and supported. Here we go!

Today is going to be amazing. I am loved and supported. Here we go!

So, step one is to purposely grant yourself some lighter-feeling thoughts.

For me, this took place in my bed.

I combined this mantra with some slow, deep breaths. (That’s the next step.)

Step Two: Take slow, deep breaths.

It turns out that anxiety causes us to take short, hallow, breaths.

This increases anxiety.

Which create a cycle of anxiety!

Purposely slow down your breathing. And purposely take deep, belly breaths (not slow, short breaths from your chest.)

Do this while you are practicing your positive thoughts on purpose.

This isn’t all a bunch of mindset hoobaloo (but some of it is, obviously!). Onward!

Step three: get out of your precious bed and take a therapeutic dose of probiotics.

The micobiome plays an immense role in how our body handles stress.

In her book, “A Mind of Your Own,” Dr. Kelly Brogan writes about a study done by a gastroenterologist at McMaster University in Canada. What they found was pivotal:

“By manipulating the intestinal microbiota of mice, he demonstrated that gut bacteria can influence anxiety-like behaviors.”

Her book shared about another similar finding as well: “A landmark study published in 2004 revealed some of the first clues to a bidirectional interaction between the brain and gut bacteria. It demonstrated that germ-free mice respond to stress in a dramatic fashion, evidenced by measurable changes in brain chemistry and increased stress hormones.”

What makes a probiotic therapeutic? A few things. Here’s the simple breakdown:

• A high dose: 30 billion or more CFUs of bacteria

• Beneficial bacterial strains. Specific strains like bifidobacterium infants and bacterium longuum have proven to help with anxiety.

• Multiple strains (say, a variety of 6 or more different strains)

• A high quality prebiotic which feeds the good bacteria in the gut

I woke up knowing I could string together some mantras to soothe my busy mind, take some deep breaths to get back into my body, AND give my microbiome a positive boost with a high quality probiotic.

Those are three powerful anxiety-shifting strategies.

The fourth strategy is about movement: Move your body!

What do I do when I get anxiety: I FREEZE. Which is the opposite of what I need to be doing.

When we move our body, we can literally change our body on a cellular level to shift our experience.

Up and down the steps a few times, a dozen squats, or even THREE SILLY PUSH-UPS can be enough to change your state.

We were not designed to sit still.

We were designed to MOVE.


The fifth and final actionable strategy to alleviate anxiety deals with FOOD.

In his book, “The Food-Mood Solution,” Jack Challem writes about natural ways to banish anxiety and to feel good again.

He writes: “The nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that produce mood and behavior problems sow the seeds for physical diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, years later. This shouldn’t be at all surprising because the same nutrient-rich or nutrient-weak blood that flows through the brains also flows through the rest of the body. The difference is that the brain is very sensitive to poor nutrition, whereas it takes years for poor nutrition to affect the heart and other organs.”

What kind of food is good for anxiety? REAL food. Plants! Nuts & Seeds.

Reach for a fruit or veggie, knowing your body and your brain are totally and utterly connected (Duh!).

So that’s a wrap. Five ACTIONABLE strategies to help combat anxiety and feel better fast:

  1. positive thoughts on purpose

  2. deep, slow, belly breaths

  3. therapeutic probiotic dosage

  4. movement

  5. real food

You don’t have to do this alone!

If you are of the female-variety and would like to be around a group of women who are open and encouraging then join us in our facebook group where we share practical tips for a lifted life!

– Sylvia | Cofounder of LIFTED